Your Summer Tan is Waiting for You…in a Bottle of SVELTA.

Being urbanites ourselves we know that even though it is August, sometimes in the city it can be difficult (or way too hot) to find some time to soak up the sun. Just because you could not get out to the beach this year doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on a glowing summer tan. Thanks to self-tanners, like our client SVELTA, you can look like you’ve been nurturing your bronze all summer long.

With the SVELTA Tan Self-Tanning System, getting your best summer tan consists of 2 easy steps.

Svelta Body Scrub

The first step involves using the SVELTA LUXE Coffee & Raw Sugar Body Scrub. This body scrub uses a combination of organic sugar and real coffee to exfoliate your skin to perfection. Exfoliating is an important step when using self-tanners because it removes all of the dead skin leaving a fresh, blank canvas for your brand new tan. Skipping this process is not recommended as it can lead to a patchy tan and no one has time for that!

SVELTA Self Tanner and Mitt

After throughly exfoliating your skin, the next step in the process is to add the color. Grab your bottle of SVELTA Skin Perfecting Self Tanner along with the SVELTA Perfect Tan Mitt and add a generous amount of the self-tanner to the mitt then apply the self-tanner to your skin. When applying the SVELTA Perfecting Self-Tanner to your skin, use long vertical strokes until the color appears to be even. Once the product has been applied evenly, allow your skin to dry and avoid water or sweating for 4-8 hours. After the 8 hours is up you are free to do whatever you want with your sunless summer tan. In addition to getting amazing color, SVELTA gives your skin a little extra TLC. The combination of ingredients like guarana, aloe, olive, sacred lotus and camu camu perfect and smooth your skin which is just another reason why SVELTA should be your substitute summer tan solution.

Whether you’re getting ready to go to a birthday party, a wedding or slipping into your bathing suit for the first time this season SVELTA will have you shinning bright like a diamond in a matter of hours. The retail price for the entire line is $93 however, new customers receive 20% OFF of their first purchase. All you have to do is use the code “NEW20” at the check out! To learn more about SVELTA, check out and keep their products in mind for the next time you are in a pinch for a nice bronze.

Have you already tried SVELTA before? We would love to hear about your experience. Let us know in the comments section below.

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Sending off the Bride-to-be!!

Leesa is getting married on Sunday so today is her last day in the office before she is a Mrs.!!!! The girls in the office wanted to send her off in the best way possible SO naturally, a cake was needed…and of course – mimosas. Along with the card and flowers too, Marla just HAD to have “Chapel of Love” be playing when Leesa arrived to her surprise. What a fabulous way to start our Thursday morning!

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A New Way to Flush @Aquinelle

Our clients are innovative, creative and revolutionary! The featured client this week is Aquinelle, the toilet paper mist.

Simply spray Aquinelle onto your preferred toilet tissue and proceed as usual.

Featured on New York Live with Beauty Expert Alexis Wolfer

Find out more on

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Try @ProfilePRO Customized Shampoo and Conditioner

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.03.07 PM

Try the all new Custom Formula Hair System from ProfilePRO!

Follow this link to and use code FREETRIAL at check out :)

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Rachel’s Throwback Thursday Mix

Bella girls love music  since it’s #tbt Beauty Account Executive Rachel shares her fave throwback tunes Listen here!Picture 90

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